Brevin Galloway basketball

How Jon Rothstein Changed Brevin Galloway’s Basketball Career

After playing half a decade of Division-1 college basketball, Brevin Galloway thought that his time on the NCAA hardwood was over – that is until sports journalist Jon Rothstein sent a rogue Tweet.

“I get a tweet (at) maybe like 3-4 in the morning…Makai Ashton-Langford (Boston College teammate) is returning to school, but Brevin Galloway won’t be,” Galloway told Adam Breneman on a recent episode of Mercury’s Next Up podcast.

Due to a medical eligibility loophole, players who can prove that they weren’t playing for two years due to injury can be granted another year of eligibility to play. Brevin had no idea. 

The current sixth-year senior tore his hamstring and his ACL during his time at Charleston, forcing him to play only 11 games between two of those seasons. 

“So, I DM Jon Rothstein and said, ‘Yo, I get another year back?’”

Rothstien’s response jump-started the Boston College guard’s journey to the Clemson basketball team:

“If you can show proof that you missed two years and got the medical documentation, then you’re good.”

The NEXT morning, Brevin went to his compliance office and asked the question that could potentially unlock another year of balling – “Is this facts?”

It was indeed, facts. Three weeks later, the NCAA cleared him, and he committed to Clemson. 

“Boom, we’re here.”

If it weren’t for Rothstein, the Clemson Tigers Basketball team would be without 10.3 points per game and a strong, veteran leader.

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