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How Nick Eason Brings the Fire to Clemson’s D-Line

“Nick is the epitome of what I look for in a coach. He has an incredible passion for the game, he has got a great background and he truly loves the player,” Dabo Swinney said of Nick Eason. “He was a great player at Clemson and he’s a great Clemson man.”

And since being hired as a Defensive Run Game Coordinator and Defensive Tackles coach at Clemson University in early 2022, Eason has proved Swinney right. Eason has had an illustrious career as a player and a coach in the NFL and NCAA, but that may be none more evident than his most recent honor given by 247 Sports: 

Successful Recruiting is the Bread and Butter of College Athletics

Recruiting is really the bread and butter of building a successful team in college athletics. In Eason’s first year with the Tigers, he has already perfected the art of convincing top talent to play in Death Valley, getting five 4-star recruits to commit for 2023, including the country’s third-ranked DL Vic Burley, sixth-ranked DL Tomarrian Parker, and eighth-ranked DL Peter Woods.

Getting the nation’s future stars in football to Clemson is the first step in creating a championship-caliber environment, but keeping them there is a whole other ball game. Coach Eason does that with an unmatched passion. 

“That’s My Coach”

The Super Bowl Champ has most likely felt almost every pressure imaginable in the game of football, which is why his efforts to “COACH THEM UP, LOVE THEM UP” will have a lasting impact on these men on and off the field. 

Also, what other coach is doing drills with their defensive? No one other than Eason.

“That’s MY coach,” Clemson players said during the mat drills. Seeing a coach go through the same battles players are currently fighting is a surefire way to have them ready to run through a brick wall. Clemson’s rich history of defensive studs doesn’t seem to be dwindling anytime soon. That is, in part, due to Nick Eason.