Which Clemson Draftees Will Join Former Tigers in the NFL?

At the end of April, six Clemson Tigers heard their names called in Kansas City for the 2023 NFL Draft. Myles Murphy, Bryan Bresee, Trenton Simpson, KJ Henry, Jordan McFadden, and Davis Allen are officially cemented in this year’s draft class. More than half of these guys will join squads that already have #ClemsonFamily on their roster.

Trenton Simpson

Simpson won’t be far from home after being picked by the Baltimore Ravens in the third round. He joins OG John Simpson (no relation) and CB Trayvon Mullen, both of whom were drafted within the last four years. 

Myles Murphy

No team in the NFL has more Tigers on its roster than the Cincinnati Bengals now that they snagged Murphy as their first pick off the board. Tee Higgins, D.J. Reader, and Jackson Carman now have another guy to swap Dabo stories with, as Murphy is bound to make an immediate splash on one of the league’s best teams.

Davis Allen

When he’s not running routes, it looks like Allen will occasionally block, alongside another former Death Valley resident, Tremayne Anchrum Jr. While Allen was a fifth-round pick this year, Anchrum Jr. was a seventh-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Jordan McFadden

The big man says “Bolt Up!” McFadden was drafted in the fifth round and will join a man – a CLEMSON man who needs no introduction – Mike Williams. Just look how happy our guy is to get to Hollywood.

KJ Henry and Bryan Bresee will be the lone Tigers on the Commanders and Saints, respectively. Although, Henry’s dad repping Jeremiah Trotter Sr.’s Commander jersey got us hoping we might see Jeremiah Trotter Jr. join KJ in the future. 

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