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How Dabo Swinney Helped Will Shipley Create His Brand Through NIL

Will Shipley is a fan of NIL. 

Not only because it benefits him, but also because he is able to use it to give to others. 

As one of the top running backs in the country, Shipley has secured a healthy amount of partnerships with businesses. However, his own personal tagline, “Ship Happens,” may be his most valuable asset. And apparently, that is in part due to Coach Dabo Swinney.

On an episode of Next Up with Adam Breneman, Shipley detailed how NIL has impacted his life and even allowed him to become philanthropic.

“I just try to give back as much as I can, whether that be buying one of my friends a meal or donating money to Levine’s Children’s Hospital.”

He also revealed exactly how Swinney helped him create his brand through NIL. 

Here’s how the story goes… 

Swinney Called Shipley With a NIL Idea 

Shipley reveals that Swinney gave him a late-night phone call after a win against Florida State. 

“Hey Ship, I’m here with some of my closest friends, and I came into the house and (my friend) said ‘Ship Happens’”, Swinney said.

Swinney went on to say, “You gotta make an idea out of it…Before anyone else does. You should trademark it and really make something out of it.”

Would the “Ship Happens” merchandise have come to fruition without this Swinney phone call? Potentially, but Shipley credits Swinney entirely with the inception of the idea.

“It’s blown up, and it’s bigger than it’s ever been in terms of t-shirt sales and the money I’m receiving from it. That’s all Coach Swinney,” Shipley said. “I would have never thought of that idea…he wants us to succeed.”

The moral of the story – yes, “Ship Happens” – but not without Swinney! 

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