Wade Woodaz Says WHAT to Will Shipley?!

The logical progression after scoring your first career college football touchdown is to gun for the top spot, right?

Well, Wade Woodaz completed an electric pick-six during the game against Charleston Southern. The next day, he was asked about the experience. How did he articulate the way he felt?

He jokingly followed this up by telling Will Shipley that he may have some competition on his hands. 

Woodaz appeared in eight regular-season games last year as a true freshman and was attributed 18 total tackles, including 1.5 sacks and one forced fumble. So far this season, he’s got a pretty good stat to kick off his sophomore year: 1 TD for 35 YDS.

The Clemson defense became a strong point against the Buccaneers, only allowing 74 total yards and 0.4 YPR. As much as Woodaz would like to be like Shipley, we’ll want to keep him around as a LB. 😉